Family owned and operated

Evan’s proudly serves gluten-free fish and chips. In fact, all four fryers are
completely Gluten Free.

You are welcome to call us for take-out, pre-orders, or fish orders! 466.2118

Our haddock is landed in Pubnico, NS. We sell it fresh or frozen as well as in our chowder, as fish and chips and in Evan’s mega delicious fish burger.

Here is Evan’s boat that catches our haddock. Old, beautiful and essential to our business.

We take pride in the food we serve and the quality of our service. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to your visits!!


June 9th - Seafood Lasagna is on!

Sweet William Arriving today!

Ah yes! It's Thursday and Sweet William is arriving around 4pm. The best sausages for bbq-ing.

Markets and Fish

June 09th - Amazingly fresh fish in our display thanks for Evan's fishplant. Great local, wild variety,