About Us

Evan’s Fresh Seafoods is a family owned and operated Fresh Seafoods Company, originating in 2008 as a Seafood market & delivery business. Evan d’Entremont has been a fisherman for over 20 years and now sells directly to the customer as fresh, frozen or cooked products. Evan’s boat and processing plant is in Pubnico, N.S., and the restaurant is in Dartmouth, in Alderney Landing. The restaurant opened late May 2011.

Daughter, Joline and son-in-law, Oussama are responsible for Evan’s restaurant. Jocelyne d’Entremont, Evan’s youngest daughter, is also a big part of the team. The future plans are to open a second location and continue to learn and grow.

Our philosophy is to keep it fresh and local!

Purely fresh, purely Nova Scotian. Purely Fresh Nova Scotia Seafoods.

Jocelyne and Joline

What are the critics saying about Evan’s Fresh Seafoods & Restaurant?

“I ordered a two-piece fish and chips, and asked if I could have one piece of the gluten-free haddock, and the other not. When the food arrived, I took a bite of each piece and could not discern any difference at all in the taste. Both flaked apart at the touch of a fork, and both looked as if they’d been pan-fried, not deep-fried, but I was assured they’d been in the fryer…. fries are hand-cut, fairly thick and had been cooked in clean oil.”

-Bill Spurr, The Chronicle Herald read the full article here

“…I’m happy to report it’s down right tasty.”
-Tim Bousquet, The Coast read the full article here

“Smoked salmon is a real treat, and Evan’s does a great job preparing it for us. The cure has just the right amount of salt and the light smoke taste does not overwhelm the beautiful salmon that is used.”
-Tim Pratt, Real, Creative Eats read the full article here