Oussama Ait Oumenni

The real secret behind Evan’s.  He is the man in the kitchen. The co-owner and manager.  Born and raised in Morocco, Oussama easily adapted to Canada, in both Montreal and Dartmouth!

Joline d’Entremont

Evan’s middle daughter. After university, Joline moved to Montreal to gain teaching experience. After a few fun years of teaching, she moved back to Nova Scotia with husband, Oussama, to discover Dartmouth and open Evan’s.  Turns out after 8 years, Joline and family dig the downtown Dartmouth vibes. Joline continues to be part of daily business while parenting two small children.

Jocelyne d’Entremont

Evan’s youngest daughter. Jocelyne has been selling her father’s catch for years.  She did so throughout university – selling at farmer’s markets.   Her nutrition degree is a great asset.  Joce has been full time and part time.  She is now enjoying a year of maternity leave with her little guy.

Katie Hanrahan

From Cow Bay, Katie must be the sweetest old soul in the world.  She is resilient and a great team player on Evan’s team. She’s been with us 4, maybe 5 years…we lost track!

Grace Oakley

This young woman joined our team in May of 2017 fresh out of the culinary arts program. Great Grace is super awesome to have in our kitchen.

Scot Everson

A powerhouse. Scot can handle the pressure of a busy kitchen and is not afraid to get things done. This young man has been on our team for 3 years and we appreciate his kind and easy going vibes.

Scot Everson