What is Celiac Disease?


Celiac Disease – Is an autoimmune or allergic reaction to the protein gluten in certain grains, such as wheat and rye in people with a genetic susceptibility. The effect destroys lining of the small intestine resulting in a much reduced surface area due to the flattening of the villi. Elimination of wheat, rye and certain other grains from the diet restores the intestinal surface.

What is Gluten? Gluten – A protein found in wheat, oats, barley, and triticale; gliadin is the toxic fraction of gluten. Celiac is managed through diet. To maintain health, those with celiac must consume a gluten-free diet to correct a vitamin or mineral deficiency. This can be very challenging where gluten is found in other non-grain products such as hot dogs, many deli meats, some vitamins and minerals, bouillon and salad dressing. For those with celiac disease, reading food labels is crucial.

At Evan’s we realize that changing ones diet to a gluten-free diet is a major commitment. No more processed foods, most baked goods, typical breads, cereals and wheat pasta. We understand that eating out at restaurants or even at friends’ houses is a real challenge and can be frustrating. Fish & Chips is something most celiacs think is out of their diet. With the help of Schoohouse Gluten-Free Gourmet, Evan’s is proud to offer an amazing Fish & Chips.  We also make our own carrot and chocolate cakes that are hard to believe are gluten-free.  Such a treat!