Welcome to Evan's online fish store
* delivery OR pick up (Thursdays)

We deliver on Thursday, unless the fishing world makes us change it.  We open up this online fish store Tuesdays through Wednesdays for a Thursday pick-up or delivery option.   With the fresh haddock being the deciding factor on when our delivery and pick up days are going to be, it can change due to the nature of the fish business.  Products will change. They will run out. What you can expect is quality fresh fish every time you get your hands on it.  The way to get our fish is through ordering here online OR you can come to Alderney during our business hours, we are open regular business hours.

Delivery Directions:  Delivery is between 11am-4pm

Dartmouth and Halifax within 20 minutes from Alderney.

Orders over $20 and a $5 delivery fee is added.

On delivery day, please leave an open bin or basket for us to drop off the goods. We will knock upon delivery to let you know it was delivered. Customers without the option of leaving a basket outside are asked to leave order notes in the comments section at checkout, or send us a message to arrange a safe and efficient delivery. 

note :  If you need to reach us, e-mail at alderneyevansfreshseafoods@hotmail.com 

Pick Up Directions:

Location: Evan’s Seafood, Alderney Landing

Hours: 12-4pm

Call: 902-466-2118

Two options: Trunk delivery, or having your order placed on our Pick Up table in front of Evan’s. If driving, when you arrive, please stay in your car. Feel free to park in Evan’s spot or pull up to the main entrance doors (closest to Evan’s). Call to let us know the name and order number you’re picking up, as well as the make and colour of your vehicle. Pop the trunk and we will place your order in there. If walking or opting for the Pick Up table option, call us a few minutes before arriving and we will place it on there for you.

Phone orders:

We recognize that some of our valued customers rather call to place an order over the phone, so we are offering this service on Tuesdays. Anyone wanting to call, is welcome to do so and give us the information needed, whether you choose pick up or delivery.

Call us anytime. 902-466-2118

Order today for pick up or delivery on JULY 8th, 2021